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Federal Interest Specialist 

Federal Interest Specialist

Posting Date: July 6, 2022
Closing Date: July 20, 2022

General Summary of the Position:
The Real Property Facilities Initiative contract provides essential facilities and federal interest management resources to the Office of Head Start and Regional Offices. This position has primary responsibility for providing technical support and resources to the Office of Head Start in their management of federal interest share in real properties. More specifically, this position provides coordination, guidance, and support for staff and consultants in researching Head Start facilities, ownership history, real estate records, federal government, and other funding history to identify federal share in real property. This position works in collaboration within teams as assigned. The Federal Interest Specialist supports the RPFI team in the review of 45-CFR 1303 applications submitted by grant recipients to identify and track federal interest for properties proposed for purchase, construction, or major renovation and in the tracking of SF-429-Bs Request to Acquire, Improve, or Furnish; and may be assigned additional SF-429 reviews as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:
Duties are described below in major areas and are not exhaustive of the duties.
Training, Coordination, and Supervision:
• Assist in training consultants and staff that will be responsible for researching, analyzing, and synthesizing the findings for determining federal interest in Head Start facilities.
• Assist in developing resource guides, tools, and templates, and process steps to guide the work.
• Assist in the establishment of consistent and uniform practices for the entry of data and in the production of reports.
• Schedule, conduct, and monitor property service area research schedules so they are completed in a timely manner.
• Along with staff and consultants, organizes and tracks the creation of case file documents (e.g. Notice of Awards, deeds, leases, 1303 applications, SF-429 Real Property Reports, mortgage documents).
• Coordinates with the RPFI teams, respectively, during all phases of the work.
Research and Analysis:
• Coordinates with the Regional and Federal Interest Teams and assists the team in conducting research on federal interest for properties in the 45-CFR 1303 review process, in particular the SF-429 A and B.
• Monitors SF-429 tracking systems including the project’s Smartsheet dashboard to ensure individual data entries adhere to quality standards and the data is accurate, timely, and consistent across the project.
• May provide technical review documents in the 1303 review process as referred, those may include: legal documents including mortgage agreements, leases, and other agreements.
• Works with staff and consultants to calculate the federal interest in properties constructed, purchased, leased, or renovated with federal funds.
• Utilizes and assists staff and consultants in accessing various platforms to obtain a comprehensive picture of properties utilized by an incumbent, including OHS data (Notices Of Awards (NOAs), previous grant applications, etc.) and records, online local property record databases (e.g., county tax assessor websites, local online registrar of deeds), commercial property search engines.
• Coordinates the review of property research, synthesizing analysis, and final report writing so information is accurate and conveyed with action steps clearly articulated so that Regional Offices may take next steps in working with grantees.
• Answers questions and convenes calls to review complex federal interest real property cases involving professionals from multiple disciplines.
• This work will be necessary for multiple properties simultaneously, requiring meticulous planning and organization, and the ability to manage multiple projects at once.
Coordination with Regional Offices and the Office of Head Start:
• With support from the Federal Interest Coordinator and Manager, directly engages with the RPFI, Transition Works, and SF-429 teams and the Office of Head Start, Regional Offices, and Office of Grants Management, and within CDI to move project objectives forward.
• Provide periodic status reports as required.

Knowledge and Abilities:
• 45 CFR Part 1303- Head Start Facilities Purchase, Major Renovation, and applicable regulations.
• SF-429 Real Property Status Report A (General), B (Request to Acquire, Improve, or Furnish), and C (Disposition or Encumbrance Request).
• Head Start Act Public Law 110-134.
• Principles, practices, and procedures of real estate transactions.
• Federal government funding process including the Notice of Awards, special conditions, grant close out processes.
• Federal government real property procurement and management.
• Interpret federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to Head Start facilities.
• Handle multiple tasks and competing issues; ability to meet multiple and changing deadlines; ability to prioritize.
• Prepare and lead effective training in person and through webinars and other means.
• Provide effective systems to monitor project deliverables in a large multi-faceted national contract.
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in written form.
• Read, analyze, and interpret general business journals and technical procedures.
• Proficiency in using personal computers with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Smartsheet’s, and other related software and data tracking systems.

Education & Experience Minimum qualifications:
• Juris Doctorate, with coursework or experience in property law or real estate transactions OR, graduated from an accredited college or university with a BA/BS in business administration, accounting, finance, organizational management, or related field, plus 5 years’ experience working in real estate transactions, property abstracting, or real estate finance is required.
• Experience researching real estate titles (assessor’s sites, recorder’s sites, GIS sites, Secretary of State sites, etc.) and/or title software is required.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience reading, drafting and/or analyzing legal documents related to real estate transactions such as deeds, leases, mortgages, and construction contracts.
• Experience in federal government: acquisition/property procurement, business analysis, financial management, program, and management analysis.
• Experience in federal government property management/procurement, management of federal interest properties.
• Experience with federal regulations such as 45 CFR Part 1303, OMB Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.

Benefits: CDI offers a generous benefits package that includes medical, dental, paid time off, volunteer time off, parental leave, employer contributions to a simplified employee pension plan, professional development, tuition reimbursement, and a robust culture that supports innovation, creativity, and open communication.

Compensation: The annual salary for this position is $92,000.

Send cover letter and resume to lgravelin@cditeam.orgcreate new email prior to the closing date.
Community Development Institute is an Equal Opportunity AA, M/F, Vet/Disability Employer and is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for staff.


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CDI is seeking highly qualified, experienced individuals with a thorough knowledge of Head Start and/or Early Head Start in the areas of early childhood education, parent, family and community engagement, health, CACFP and nutrition, facilities, and transportation to provide periodic consulting services to Head Start/Early Head Start programs that are under interim management.

These consultant assignments are generally one to three weeks in length; and require on-site, time-intensive services to meet Head Start Programs' immediate needs and produce results. The work is not a one-shot workshop or training session. Multiple assignments occur throughout the year.

Extensive travel is required. Travel expenses are on a reimbursement basis, with the exception of airfare.

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